point isabel

A Dog’s Tale: Point Isabel

golden retriever, point Isabel
Jack and D.T.
Contrary to popular belief, dogs dream as humans do. The slightest sound wakes me up. My human is having a restless night. He keeps tossing in his sleep. I feel like I’m going to be napping all day long again. My sleep keeps getting interrupted. I want to go back to sleep and return to dreaming about chasing squirrels. Although my favorite dream of all time must be this big juicy steak straight from the grill that my human dropped by accident. Oooh. I feel sleep coming on again.
Wake up. Wake up! It’s time to feed me. I’m pacing the floor and I need to go outside. I hate to do this but I’m jumping on the bed. It’s been harder and harder to get up on the bed. I turn 12 next month. He’s not budging. Ok. Time to give him his morning kisses. I don’t know why humans like this. I certainly wouldn’t want another dog to lick my face. I know where that tongue has been.
He’s certainly taking his sweet time. I don’t see him microwaving anything. It’s not steak but this dry stuff will do. God, I wish he’d give me more than just a cup. I can finish this in a minute. Uh oh. I feel something coming. I gotta go. I don’t think I’ll make it to my usual spot, I’ll just do it here next to the gate. Maybe his neighbor, he calls him D.T., maybe he’ll step on it. I don’t think he likes me. But I like him, I like annoying him. He spooks easily. I love it when he wears black and he tells me to go away. I think he really wants to get my fur all over him.
I hear D.T. coming.

D.T.: It’s like a landmine out there!

Duke: did he leave something for you?

D.T.: yeah, right in the middle of the walkway.

Duke: Jack! Are you setting traps again?

Damn. He missed it. One of these days I’ll get him. Something’s up. I think they’re going somewhere again. I guess I better say hi. Maybe they’ll take me this time if I’m a good boy. I won’t jump on him he hates that. I’ll just lie on my back and let him pet me. Oh yes. That’s the spot. Don’t you dare stop. I hear someone coming down the stairs. It’s my human’s roommate, Massimo. God, he’s loud. He’s always here.
Don’t make me beg. I hate begging, it’s degrading. My tail wags repeatedly. My tongue hanging out and my breathing rapidly escalating. My body completely betraying me. Come on. Come on. Yes! My human opens the closet door to get my leash. I’m going!
I love car rides. The air blowing against my face. I don’t get motion sickness. The rougher the ride the better. It makes me feel alive. Unfortunately, the air is so thick with smoke my human is keeping the windows up. I want to sit next to DT, he gives the best messages. He makes the most adorable sound when he does it like he’s enjoying it a little too much.
golden retriever
We arrived sooner than you’d expect. Time flies when you’re a dog; 7 times faster to be exact. I remember this place. My human used to take me here when we lived in the area. There’s a Mudpuppy’s Sit and Stay Cafe if you’re a bit snacks. I don’t know why my human and his friends have this obsession with iced coffees. Like clockwork, they order some. There’s also a doggy day spa next door. I have been there before. There were times when I got really muddy after a hike. He wasn’t particularly happy with me after the fact.
Looks like DT is taking me for a walk. My human is staying behind to get his coffee. I’m staying too. DT tugs on my leash and I move a little bit. I don’t know why he tries. He knows I’ll be dragging him around if I wanted to. I’m stronger than him. There goes my human. He wants me to come to him. Sorry DT! All I hear is DT yelping in the background.
golden retriever
My human takes the leash off me and instantly I feel the weight off my “shoulders”. I’m around my kind. Different breeds. Some are short, fat, pretty, ugly. Just like people I suppose. Smell me. Smell me. There aren’t a lot of people here today. It’s probably because of the smoke in the air.
golden retriever
I’m taking the lead. Where I go they follow. This park is huge. And it’s right next to the Bay. I love the water. I love it so much that when I see it, I just go wild and dive right in. Forget the repercussions. I’m going in for a swim, boys. I hear my human and DT yelling and warning me not to go in. Sorry! I can’t hear you, I scream in my mind as my tail wags excitedly. The initial feeling as I jump in the water is indescribable. It makes me feel numb I guess. The aches and pains of my old body momentarily go away. The cool water feels good as I’m nearly fully submerged apart from my head. I hear people around me laughing as my human and DT call my name to come back up. I guess it’s time to face the music. It has been fun while it lasted. I feel a nap coming on.

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