Kauai Reflections: Finale

I wake up one last time to the crows of the roosters inhabiting the island. I feel the cool breeze coming from the half open sliding door. From my bed, I can hear the calming sounds of the waves splashing against the rocky shore of our beach. It’s time I tell myself, as I get up silently trying not to wake the others.
kauai condominiumTired of always running, I take my time walking towards the beach and feel my feet sink in the sand a little with every step I take. It rained all evening which made everything look dewy. I savour every second alone while the rest of the island sleeps. The feeling is fleeting knowing at any second this moment could be interrupted by anyone looking for the same solitude.
Everyone on the island was out to witness the blood moon last night. The moon shined ruby red without any trace of romance. It looked much bigger than usual which probably caused the high tide. There was something about the moon, it was full of menace.
I look to the horizon once more facing East, knowing it’s the last time. But this time, there is nothing there to haunt me. I see nothing but rich amber clouds and deep emerald waters and then finally the Sun.
And as the rays touch my face, I feel the warmth and overwhelming sensation of serenity. I head towards the inviting shore. I tread the cool waters slowly and carefully, knowing full well that rocks litter the bottom of the shore. But like life, no matter how careful you are, you end up stepping on one and it hurts at first. Nurse the pain and learn from it. It’s not always going to be rocky, eventually you’ll find a spot where the sand feels soft under you and you want to stay there. Enjoy the stillness of the water or let the waves carry you when the tides become rougher. Embrace the change, I always tell myself.
As the water completely envelopes me, a feeling of tranquility comes over me. The world is silent underwater. The ebb and flow of the current slowly caresses my body. I take one final moment and come up for air to breathe again. This is a start of a new day. I’m coming home.
And from a distance, like the sound of a scratched record, …”Yo, DT! Are you about done having a moment?!? We gotta go!
*Expletive deleted* Yeah. I’m coming!!!
Let’s take a second to highlight a few things we did the past few days. In no particular order, click the links below for tips and pics.

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